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Katie Alba


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For me, it’s all about leaving a legacy. Today is brief, but what we do today impacts what all the future tomorrow's look like. It is this realization that drives me to want to leave a lasting mark with our clients. Whether that is helping a policyholder to build an enduring legacy by making decisions on how to choose the right life insurance coverage or a business owner who wants to create a culture of loyalty to “insure” their employees have the confidence to know that they are valued, cared for and their needs are met – this is such an honor. I don’t take for granted how incredibly special it is when we get to share in those exciting, happy moments a client calls to inform us they are expecting a little bundle of joy. But bringing comfort when the heart-wrenching call comes in with support for a policyholder who needs to know how to file a claim because life has thrown a devastating health blow reminds me that I am in the right business. It is truly a privilege that I get to be there as life unfolds for our clients and help provide peace of mind that no matter what twists and turns life throws, they can build an enduring legacy for their loved ones too. This is my passion.


In my downtime, I can be found at the ball park cheering on my youngest daughter who plays year-round softball, relaxing at the pool, getting into muddy adventures with my oldest in her jeep or sipping on a glass of wine by the fire pit. I have a very strong belief system that has sustained me through life: God is my anchor, it’s not a vacation if there isn’t a beach and there is no such thing as a bad time with a Bloody Mary. I love to start my day with a 5 Hour Energy drink and rap or hip hop beats on full blast. My guilty pleasure: TikTok before bed. 

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